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Hello from Eudlo! I lived in Eudlo for most of my childhood and went to Eudlo State School, my story is similar to the one at the bottom of the page.

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

Eudlo is a small hinterland town on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The name originated from the fresh water eel. It is located on the railway line between Palmwoods and Mooloolah. Eudlo is also home to the Chenrezig Institute.

Schools: The nearest state primary and secondary schools are Eudlo State School and Nambour State High School.

Shops: There is one convenience store in Eudlo and the closest major shopping centre is at Nambour.

Eudlo's postcode is 4554, which it shares with Ilkley.

Getting to Eudlo

Eudlo railway station, Queensland

Eudlo Station is a railway station on the Nambour and Gympie North Line of South East Queensland, Australia. It is part of the QR CityTrain network.

The station is in Zone 15 of the TransLink integrated public transport system.

Eudlo has a short platform and can only accommodate one car at a time. Passengers wishing to use Eudlo should always ensure that they are in the front car of any train.

Cycad gardens of Eudlo

Cycad Gardens of Eudlo. ~ Specializing in Cycads of Africa.

Eudlo History

The name Eudlo is of Aboriginal origin and means "fresh water eel". Cattlemen and timbergetters came to the area from the 1860s, but land was not made available for agricultural selection until the 1880s. The first selector was James Steele in 1887. In 1891, the section of the North Coast Railway from Landsborough to Yandina was opened. It brought closer settlement to the whole district, and facilitated the transport of passengers, timber, fruit and produce. A sawmill was built at Eudlo and large quantities of timber from the Blackall Range, and surrounding forests, were either treated at the mill or railed to other centres. The timber industry was the means of livelihood for the early settlers. Eudlo State School was opened in 1897.

A giant log hauled by bullock team to the Eudlo Railway Station, ca. 1905

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  • Chenrezig Institute for Buddhist Meditation & Retreat
  • Macaranga House

Eudlo Real Estate

Sunshine Coast Acreage Specialists, Eudlo Real Estate

Alpha Realty, Hinterland Real Estate

First National Real Estate Palmwoods, Palmwoods Real Estate

Eudlo State School

Larry Gray
c/ Post Office, Eudlo 4554
Telephone: 07 5494 9343
Fax: 07 5478 9540
Contact: the.principal@eudloss.eq.edu.au

Eudlo Story

Fond Memories of Town Life.

I remember Eudlo as a quiet town, which is positioned one hour North of Brisbane.

My parents were strawberry farmers and they worked harder than anyone I know, although that didn't get them anywhere, as the larger farmers would always takeover.

One event that brought this tiny community together was the annual sports day at the school, this was positioned right in the middle of the town. There were about one hundred children from year one on to year seven and on this day everyone was required to wear their uniform, which had the name of the town written in Eels, Eudlo meaning place of Eels in the Aboriginal language.

We would practice the march over and over before sports day. Head up, knee's high, and swing those arms!? I remember our Principal commanding. Besides all the other usual ball games and races we would have the Kookaburra calling competitions. Then there were the egg and spoon races for the parents, that was always a laugh.

At the end of the day the children who had won a certain event went home with a ribbon. Although no one went home empty handed, children who simply participated received a sticker. I remember to this day how proud I was to have a ribbon or a sticker, I always put them at the end of my bed so I could sit and stare at them.

Growing up in Eudlo was fun because there's a lot a child can do on a farm with an imagination and a lot of pets. Although when I got into to my late teens and couldn?t find employment, this problem aided by not having any transport, things started to get a little tiresome.

All Eudlo had besides the School was the Post Office and the local Store. What was there for a young girl to do, besides move on. So I said goodbye to Eudlo which was my home for twenty odd years and moved to the Coast.

I'm not saying I want to forget Eudlo, I guess being my age I just need a change and one day you never know I might be back there doing the egg and spoon race myself.

Elizabeth A

Chenrezig Buddhist Centre Eudlo

Australia’s longest established Buddhist Centre Chenrezig Institute near Eudlo is hosting a Discover Chenrezig Day.

The day will start with a free guided meditation at 10:30am followed by a tour of the property.

After lunch there will be a Public Talk by one of our Tibetan teachers at 2pm. Children over 5 are welcome to attend the Dharma Club play group at 1:45pm while their parents attend the public teachings.

We would appreciate if you book in advance for the delicious vegetarian lunch so we have an idea of numbers.

If you are interested in finding out about meditation, Buddhism or simply having a pleasant day out in the peace of the rainforest - please contact Chenrezig on - 07 5453 2108

Chenrezig Buddhist Centre.
33 Johnson Rd, Eudlo

Each month Chenrezig Institute near Eudlo, a not for profit Buddhist Charity, hosts an open day to encourage people who might not otherwise be exposed to Buddhist teachings to come to Chenrezig and participate in the free classes we offer.